Our combo-kits can be easily customised for low head height situations, providing a convenient and practical choice for your load monitoring needs.

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  • Wireless & Internal Antenna
    Wireless & Internal Antenna
  • Matched Telemetry Displays
    Matched Telemetry Displays
  • Cabled with 49.2ft flying cable
    Cabled with 49.2ft flying cable
  • Data Logging Software Available
    Data Logging Software Available
  • ATEX version
    ATEX version
  • Rent this item
    Rent this item


Experience portability, flexibility, and instant usability with our Load Monitoring Combo-Kit. Designed for immediate use straight out of the box, this portable solution is perfect for on-site applications.

Combo-Kit Contains:

1 x centralising Bobbin
2 x Safety Bow Shackles
1 x T24 HA Handset (Can operate with both Load Link and Load Pin)
Rugged case design with foam compartments to firmly hold the load link, telemetry display
1 x Aluminium Load Link complete with calibration certificate
1 x Shackle Load PIN complete with calibration certificate
Spare Battery Set


  • Only one wireless handset is required.
  • Load Link concept can be used for greater accuracy with adequate head space.
  • All of the equipment supplied in a custom transport case.
  • Load Shackle concept can be used when lower head space is required.
  • Wireless Data Logging Kit.
    (Including Wireless Base station receiver and Logging Software )

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