LMS increase Rental Stock

8th October 2020

LMS increase Rental Stock

Why Rental?

Not only does renting from our extensive equipment range forego upfront CAPEX investment, it also provides speedy response times, excellent customer support, not to mention the following additional benefits:

Relax with worry-free compliance

Enhanced standard of equipment available

No maintenance, calibration or testing

Training requirements reduced

Affordable regular payments

Less storage required

What do we offer?

We have Load Links from 1Te > 500Te, Load Shackles 3.25Te > 1000Te, Line Tension Units 12mm > 104mm and also a comprehensives range of Air Skates and Test Weights – ALL available to rent.

What next?

Call us today and speak to our ‘FAST-TRACK’ Rental Team for further information or email: LMS@loadsystems.co.uk