LMS Supports the Russell Anderson Foundation

10th August 2023

LMS Supports the Russell Anderson Foundation

The RAF is dedicated to creating positive impacts to the lives of youths in our community through life-changing programmes that make a sustainable and measurable difference to their health and wellbeing. Founded by Russell, the foundation values positivity, collaboration, trust, and honesty and teaches young people important life skills to empower and improve their overall health and wellbeing. The foundation delivers multiple programmes for young people across our community by partnering with local schools, offering extracurricular coaching through holiday camps and festivals, and providing social support throughout the community. 

Russell said “I have known @Millar and @Kirk for many years and it’s great to receive support from successful, local business like LMS, they fully appreciate the importance of improving the lives of children in socially deprived areas of Aberdeen and connecting with the younger generation in the North East community”.      

By leveraging resources, maximising expertise, and building a strong network, the foundation really does strive to leave a legacy of compassion, empowerment, and community development.

 To find out more about the foundation and the great work taking place being within our community, please visit: https://russellandersonfoundation.org/